A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

REST is a horror game in which you play as Michael Garner, an amateur photographer. During the events of the game a major power outage affects his entire apartment block, leaving him in his apartment to wait out the dark, cold few hours whilst the generators are being repaired.

REST was coded in RPG Maker MV.

View the Google Docs document below for full credits (plugins & SFX):



REST - Windows 88 MB
REST - Mac.zip 222 MB
REST - Linux 131 MB


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After the small cutscene in the beginning, it's completely black. Is that supposed to happen? 

Your monitor might be making things a bit too dark to see, you need to move to the right to pickup the lantern.

Oh okay. Thank you!


I finished the game and got all endings. I enjoyed it a lot! Short, simple and a bit spooky.

Thank you for the support! I'll be working on much higher quality projects in the future, since this was more of a test of RPG Maker MV than anything.